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SDD B.V. processes personal data. We will explain below why we process personal data and how we handle personal data. If you have any questions after reading this privacy statement, you can always contact us. Our contact information is:

Address: Brinkerweg 5, 8166 GD Emst
Phone number: 0578 – 662 662
Email address:
Chamber of Commerce number: 08126492 

Who are we?
SDD B.V. develops, produces, imports and delivers software, electronics, mechanics, machines and devices. 

Processing personal data
When carrying out our services/work, we process personal data. For example, we process personal data to/for:

  1. properly deliver our services and products;
  2. enter a relationship with you, maintain this relationship and to carry out assignments/agreements;
  3. improve and develop our products and services;
  4. enter agreements with suppliers and (business) clients;
  5. promotion and marketing goals;
  6. proper operational management;
  7. job applications and recruitment;
  8. to honour legal obligations;
  9. archival purposes.

We don’t just process personal data. We only process personal data if this is necessary or because you granted us permission to do so. Examples of these are address data, phone numbers, email addresses, IBAN code and passport data. We only process this data for the purpose of properly carrying out the agreement to meet legal obligations, because you granted us permission and/or because we have a justified interest in doing so (for example, to keep you informed on offers or services). If SDD B.V. no longer needs your personal data, they will remove this personal data.

Does SDD B.V. send personal data to other companies/organisations?
Yes, this can occur. SDD B.V. often collaborates with other companies to ensure proper delivery of its services and goods and, if necessary, proper operational management. For example, we work with couriers, (software) suppliers, marketing companies and administrative officers. Fulfilling legal obligations can also mean that we must share personal data with other parties (for example, personal data on an invoice on behalf of tax authorities). If SDD B.V. collaborates with third parties, they will make clear agreements with these parties, so careful and safe handling of personal data can be guaranteed. 

Cookies on our website
To ensure the proper and safe functioning of our site and to view the quality and statistics of the website, we use the services of Google Analytics. For this, we use cookies and/or similar methods. Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer or device for this purpose. These cookies do not gather your personal data. In case cookies do gather your personal data, we will always ask your permission beforehand. You can always indicate whether you want to allow cookies or not in your settings.

Did we properly secure the personal data?
Yes. We ensure proper and suitable (organisational and technical) security of the personal data, in compliance with legal requirements and guidelines. Good security is achieved through the implementation of a series of suitable management measures, including policy, processes, procedures and software and hardware functions. These measures are documented, implemented, monitored, assessed and improved where needed. 

How long do we keep personal data?
We will not keep the personal data any longer than is needed either for the purposes of the processing, as described in “Processing personal data” or to meet the legal requirements.                                         

Your privacy rights
Fundamentally, SDD B.V. only processes personal data that you are aware of. You have already been informed beforehand or have granted us permission. Do you wish to know which of your personal data SDD B.V. processes and do you want to receive the personal data? That is very understandable and possible as well. You can send us an email or a letter. When you have viewed your personal data and it turns out it is wrong or incomplete, you can request us to correct or supplement the personal data. In some cases, you can ask us to remove or limit your personal data.

If you object to the processing of the personal data, you can do so in writing. You also have the right to file a complaint at the supervising authority: the Dutch DPA.

Filing requests or objecting
If you want to file a request regarding the processing of your personal data or if you want to object, you can do this in writing (by email or by mail). We ask you to provide your request or objection with a motivation. We will process your request or objection within 4 weeks.


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