SDD BGB3202 Perfect Binder for all Océ VarioPrint 6000 series printers

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The SDD BGB3202 binder can be seamlessly integrated with the Océ printers while maintaining full printer operating speed. Operating online with an Océ VarioPrint 6000 Line printer, the binder receives the output, col- lates the prints, binds the finished documents using glue, and delivers them neatly stacked. The printer and the SDD BGB3202 are linked together for perfect communication. The phys- ical integration of printer and binder ensures a smooth, trouble-free pro- cess, reducing manual intervention to an absolute minimum. The binder can also be used offline if required. In this mode, print sets from different printers are fed into the binder using the offline document input facility.

The SDD BGB3202 binder handles books and documents of varying thick- nesses and media types. Publishing on demand means exactly that: you can print complete books whenever you need them, and you can bind them to professional standards with the SDD BGB3202 binder. With a binding capacity of up to 600 sheets, this bind- er can easily and automatically handle even the largest print runs. It produces a very strong bind by rapid cooling of the glue in conjunction with milling and notching of the spine. The binder is technically and electronically synchro- nized with the printer’s output and auto- matically adjusts to the printer’s speed.


  • Unsurpassed perfect bound book quality from superior spine and side gluing
  • Makes books from 20 – 1,200 pages (10 – 600 sheets) with no pre-measurement needed
  • Ideal for variable data and on-demand book production
  • All adjustments can be done via the GUI for optimized productivity
  • Online and offline use is possible KEY FEATURES
  • Side gluing and scoring for optimal cover adhesion
  • Makes books from 20 – 1,200 pages (10 – 600 sheets)
  • Automatic book thickness recognition and adjustment
  • Up to 13 negative or positive cover creases for books with flaps or wings
  • 3-knife trimming option available

Data sheet

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BGB3202 data sheet


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