Plockmatic BLM50 & BLM35


The new Plockmatic BLM50/BLM35 is the latest modular inline booklet making solution with specifications unmatched in the mid-range.

The Plockmatic BLM50/35 is a modular inline booklet making solution for centralized reproduction departments and commercial print providers – large and small. Customers can choose from a range of cost-effective options to support their application requirements. The system is packed with a host of unique technologies that deliver finished books with quality to match today’s printing systems. 

Customers are demanding more media versatility from digital print. The Plockmatic BLM50/35 is designed from the ground up to work with today’s coated, uncoated and textured paper stocks.

Plockmatic works closely with print engine manufacturers and workflow partners to ensure the closest possible integration of the booklet making system. This supports ease of use and allows operators of different skill levels to get the most out of the entire printing system.

The Plockmatic BLM50/35 are available for Canon imagePRESS C750/C850, C8000VP/C10000VP.


SDD support for Canon for Sales & Marketing in:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
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