SDD RWM6644 Roll Wind / Unwind Module for Canon ColorWave serie printers


The RWM6644 Roll Wind Module delivers outstanding reliability. Finished rolls produced with an excellent winding structure. Easy and fast handling, changing of paper rolls and non-stop winding. The RWM6644 Roll Wind Module can handle the different kinds of media. Enhance your capabilities and increase the production with the RWM6644 Roll Wind Module. Because the RWM6644 can be used for wind and unwind it is flexible which is easy to integrate with the workflow.


  • Dedicated Roll Wind Modules for wide format printers
  • Up to 20 meters/minute
  • ‘Dancer’ principle which enables all types of material (transparent, gloss, etc) to be handled
  • Consistently and accurately wound rolls
  • Mobile and flexible system, easy to operate
  • Seamlessly interfaced (free-standing)
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Wind and unwind function included
  • Integrated load and unloading station
  • Dispenser with print-friendly tape


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