2-Side Trimmer BLT9202

A cost effective full-bleed solution

The BLT9202 2-Side Trimmer is a cost effective full-bleed solution for offline use. The BLT9202 creates a complete printing and booklet making system that is ideal for a wide range of on-demand applications.

The BLT9202 can be easily set up from the digital display. Full colour brochures, manuals, reports and policy documents, for example, can be quickly printed and finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing steps.

Key Benefits

  • Professional ‘top and bottom’ trimming; precisely trims the booklet from both sides at once
    2 x 3 knives for a perfect spine trimming result
  • Ensures that no paper snippet is left on the booklet spine
  • Produces professional-looking and high quality booklets
  • Productivity: up to 100K booklets per month

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