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SDD has its own R&D and production facilities in Emst with a focus upon high reliability and longevity for its products. It also provides full service and marketing support for its customers.

Service support not only involves providing spare parts and consumables but also providing training for technicians, and support for customer events and exhibitions. Furthermore, SDD provides customers with complete marketing and sales support with appropriate product documentation, as well as participation worldwide in local and national customer events.

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SDD develops and manufactures a range of finishing systems for distribution by digital printer partners worldwide. SDD prides itself on the extremely high reliability and longevity of its products. Nevertheless, regular preventative maintenance is an essential part of customer support. Therefore, SDD provides full service back up tailored to suit each printer manufacturer.

Support is provided in a number of ways:

Spare parts are available for all SDD finishing systems. Parts are provided for preventative maintenance as well as for on-demand requests. And, SDD is able to provide fast dispatch of parts worldwide. Technician support provided by phone or email. In order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction it is necessary to provide fast and professional support when requested. Fully trained SDD personnel are on hand to quickly answer technical queries that arise.

Training courses which can be carried out locally or at the SDD factory. These courses are designed to increase the competence and confidence of technicians when servicing SDD systems. A special service website containing all service documentation is available. Permission to access this website is given upon request.

Marketing Support

SDD provides full marketing support for its range of finishing systems. These include data sheets and brochures containing product specifications as well as features, functions and benefits. In addition there is special marketing website containing even more detailed information, photographs, and case studies for example. Access to this website is provided upon request.

Support is provided worldwide for marketing employees of printer manufacturers who need to support salespeople searching for solutions to customer applications. SDD recognises the need for fast turnaround when questions arise from the field. So, marketing support is available by phone or email depending upon the degree of urgency.

Showroom or exhibition supportĀ 

SDD also provides full support for showroom or exhibition events worldwide. This is available upon request and includes the provision of machines where applicable.

For more than 20 years, SDD has provided marketing support for printer manufacturers as there is strong evidence that discussing finishing possibilities with customers not only results in incremental printer business but also in an increase to the average order value.

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