2-Side Trimmer SDD 2ST7210 & SFM7804

2-Side Trimmer SDD 2ST7210 & SFM7804

This is a 2-Side Trimmer with SFM7804 SquareFold that trims top and bottom of a booklet in combination with Canon imagePRESS series and varioPRINT series.

2-Side Trimmers

SDD provides modular finishing equipment that enhances booklet making quality. One of these products is a 2-side trimming system designed to cut the top and bottom of the booklet. Naturally, the amount of trim is adjustable to ensure a superior professional-looking finished booklet. 2-side trimming is often required for a variety of jobs but is especially suitable for full bleed applications.

This system is an ideal add-on for Canon production printers, fitting directly behind the booklet maker. And, the system is also available for retrofitting to existing booklet makers.

SDD is the expert in providing finishing touches which add value to printed documents. The 2-side trimmer is a fine example of this:​

  • Trims the booklet precisely on both sides in one action
  • Provides highly accurate cutting compared to slitting sheet by sheet
  • Includes quality trimming technology designed to protect the booklet spine

The 2-side trimmer works online with a production printer to create a complete booklet making system that is perfect for a wide range of on-demand applications. Reports, brochures, manuals, policy documents and more can be quickly printed and finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing steps in-between.

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