SDD 2ST7210 & SFM7804

System Thunder with a SFM7804 Square Spine Module

The SDD 2ST7210 is a 2-Side Trimmer with a SFM7804 Square Spine Module that trims top and bottom of a booklet. Finished booklets will have a superior, professional appearance and, as they lie flat, booklets are much easier to pack, stack and distribute.

Full colour brochures, manuals, policy documents and reports, for example, can be quickly printed and finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing steps.

Two important options:

1: SDD 2ST7010 Professional 2-Side Trimmer
The SDD 2ST7010 2-Side Trimmer is a cost effective full-bleed solution for Canon imagePRESS Series production printers. The 2ST7010 works online with production printers to create a complete printing and booklet making system that is ideal for a wide range of on-demand applications.

2: SDD SFM7804 Square Spine Module
The SFM7804 Square Spine Module produces a booklet with a completely square spine. Then it is possible to reproduce a professional magazine or book-like finish, which considerably enhances the booklet appearance and adds more versatility to booklet making.

Key Benefits

Compact system

  • Professional ‘top and bottom’ trimming; precisely trims the booklet from both sides at once
  • Near line use with the Hand Infeed Module HIM5030
  • Can produce, for example, A5 landscape booklets,
    210mm x 210mm, as well as very small booklet sizes
  • Customers can trim 100mm in total and produce
    booklets with an asymmetrical cut
  • Touch screen remote User Interface for easy set up
  • Simple connection/installation behind the printer
  • Adjustible trim size
  • Durable knives / Patented technologies
  • Low noise level
  • SquareFolding Module SFM7804 to create a
    square spine booklet
  • Optional: Hand Infeed Module HIM5030 to feed booklets
    by hand into the system
  • Optional: Conveyor Belt Stacker CBS6150 150cm long

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