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Rethinking Finishing Processes with SDD Press Trim Module

Konica Minolta printer customers are benefiting from another SDD professional finishing touch! SDD produces the PT-220 Press Trim Module which can easily be attached to a Konica Minolta Booklet Maker resulting in a trimmed and flatter, more professional-looking...

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SDD’s Simple Elegance

SDD's Simple Elegance From concept to production, the goal of SDD remains constant, to significantly enhance the value of the printed document while operating as a tightly integrated component in a high-performance production print environment. Success is measured by...

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SDD’s ‘finishing touch’ arrives in Denmark

SDD’s 'finishing touch' arrives in Denmark The Canon imagePRESS C850 equipped with the F1 Booklet Trimmer, in the Canon Copenhagen showroom in Denmark, is now equipped with an SDD 'Senior' finishing solution. This is an add-on to the Canon booklet making line which...

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AMR Europe (a SDD company) sponsor of #TopDutch Solar Racing

AMR Europe and SDD will help the #TopDutch Solar Racing team to win the next year challenge in Australia. An active student team is building a solar car that will participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. That is not just a race, but a gruelling challenge...

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SDD is flying….

​SDD is flying high with state-of-the-art products......bringing you a down-to-earth solution for all your finishing! Here you can watch a short video. SDD is a renowned and leading player, both nationally and internationally, in providing document finishing equipment...

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