SDD’s Simple Elegance

From concept to production, the goal of SDD remains constant, to significantly enhance the value of the printed document while operating as a tightly integrated component in a high-performance production print environment. Success is measured by the effort required to reap the benefits of the device. The less needed, the better. This is what SDD means by Smart Dedicated Design.

There are many paths to innovation, and those paths travel from the production print floor into the development labs of boutique businesses like SDD. Needs are described in real terms, and designs are formulated with an overarching objective – make the product reliable, simple to use, easy to maintain and affordable to own and operate. This approach offers the flexibility to design and build solutions with the right level of functionality. From a simple booklet maker to a more sophisticated high-quality finishing device, the goal remains the same.

SDD is actively looking to learn more about the challenges and opportunities commercial printers of all sizes are facing and exploring. The best conversations begin with “what if…” and end with “now we can…”

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