The Booklet Maker in the world that automatically changes booklet size…!

That’s not possible… but it is!

There’s only one company that supplies a Booklet Maker for Canon, that can automatically switch between two jobs (for example, Ledger to Letter jobs): SDD. SDD Booklet Makers offer a fully dynamic system: switching between booklet sizes and thicknesses requires no operator intervention!

for rest of world:(for example, A3 to A4 jobs) and change z to s (e.g. customized/customised)

SDD offers two models which are compatible with Canon/Océ printers. depending upon the paper feed direction:

  • BLM6400: Océ VarioPrint 6330 Titan
  • BLM6900: Océ i200/300; Océ varioPRINT 115-140 series; Canon imagePRESS 10000

Both SDD Booklet Makers offer the same features and functions and are modular systems designed for customized solutions. The options available for creating booklets are:

  • Square spine forming
  • Front edge trimming
  • Top and bottom trimming
  • Rotating for increased production of Half Letter-size booklets.

And, they include professional Hohner stitching heads which provide up to 50,000 stitches from one roll of wire. This is a superior and more cost effective solution as using stitcher wire is about 90% cheaper than using staple cassettes.

Furthermore, for optimizedhandling of colorand coated media, SDD has developed a patented Color Fold Module which prevents ‘cracking’ on the spine.

All in all, SDD Booklet Makers simply offer unique features that significantly enhance the quality of booklets and simplify the way booklets are produced.

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