COVID-19 has changed the world… and has changed the way in which companies interact with customers and partners too.

At SDD we have taken appropriate steps to update our service technicians regarding the method of carrying out service, operator and installation training whilst strictly following the rules about masks and social distancing, etc. Furthermore, the lockdown has also provided us with opportunities to provide training updates on the current range of SDD products for our staff.

In these situations we are taking advantage of the latest technologies to streamline the training. This enables us to provide comprehensive training even ‘from a distance’. And, we are pleased about having received so many complimentary remarks about this new way of providing customer support.

For SDD, customer satisfaction is a primary element of our business philosophy. So, it has been critically important to us that we change and adapt to new ways of working in order to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Part of that philosophy is our desire to remain easily and readily contactable for service issues of any kind. Feel free to contact us if you need support on any service issue. / 

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