SDD has continuously introduced innovative products over the past 20 years. The very latest example is the SDD Press Trim Module which has been designed to add value to printed booklets.

This impressive finishing system has been launched by Canon Europe for use on the varioPRINT 140 and imagePRESS C910 series printers when configured with a W1 PRO Booklet Finisher. And, the system has a memorable nickname: Rainbow.

Rainbow is a compact, modular finishing system which allows customers to choose the level of sophistication they require. It’s an entry level system for low volume booklet production which produces professional enhancements to booklets.

The most basic Rainbow configuration is a face trimmer with pressure rollers to flatten the spine. Even this entry level system allows a significantly greater level of booklet quality to be achieved. Modularity provides the ability to choose various configurations up to the most sophisticated system which includes modules to trim top and bottom edges of the booklet and produce a square spine.

In developing Rainbow, SDD has concentrated once more on ease of operating and longevity of components. For example, trimming knives have been enhanced to provide a longer lifetime. And, attention has been paid to installation and servicing aspects, and quick exchange of parts to ensure maximum uptime. For an operator, automatic format change between jobs is a real bonus.

Adding a Rainbow system is easy… even retrofitting it to an existing booklet maker installation is possible. And, this system will really make a significant difference to the quality of the booklets produced.

System Rainbow in action:

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