SDD’s range of finishing equipment has been developed with a great deal of attention given to easy and straightforward operation. For example, when attached to a printer, the finisher is sending and receiving communication signals to and from it so that the operator fully understands the status of the situation. This transparency leads to greater efficiency and time saving.

Indeed, the SDD philosophy is that finishers should be simple to operate… by anyone. This precludes the need for a long-serving, graphic experienced or trained employee to be found to operate the machine.

Modular units

Furthermore, from a service viewpoint, SDD’s new technologies aim to keep things simple. The use of modular units and parts mean that installation and service times are reduced through simple and smart exchange procedures.

And, the use of common platforms, units and parts in production ensures that spare parts stocks at customer/partner locations are minimised.

Latest technologies

SDD continues to develop finishers using the latest technologies and newly patented techniques. This is a fundamental principle in the company’s stride to provide customers, operators and service technicians alike with the most automated and simplest finishing systems available today.

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