SDD Roll Wind Modules: the missing link for Graphic Arts applications!

Many HP PageWide XL Pro printer customers have discovered the benefits of adding an SDD Roll Wind Module to their printer.

Printing on a roll is very convenient in many respects. However, how to handle the printed roll afterwards also needs some thought! That’s where SDD steps in as it’s Roll Wind Module simply and efficiently rewinds the roll, thus providing a much more convenient way of processing it.

Then the Roll Wind Module can be wheeled to the next part of the process: for example laminating or cutting. There the roll can be unwound for this next stage of the finishing process. And, another highlight of the system is it can handle a variety of media including reflecting and transparent types.

SDD provides two Roll Wind Modules for the two different paper output heights in the range of HP PageWide XL Pro printers: the SDD RWM 8440 and SDD RWM 8640. The features of both modules are identical: for example, an excellent winding structure is consistently achieved and there is automatic speed adjustment to match the printer’s speed.

And there’s full compatibility with the complete range of HP PageWide XL Pro printers:


So, if you still have a missing link in your roll printing process, find out more about SDD Roll Wind Modules

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