For many years, SDD has been involved in providing handicapped people with work via local support groups. Companies that aim to stimulate the labour participation of vulnerable groups in the labour market in a sustainable and high-quality manner use the independent Dutch PSO certification organisation to achieve this. 

SDD has achieved the highest ranking that is awarded by this organisation and has received a certificate which confirms this. One of the criteria for achieving certification is that at least 30% of the employees of these sheltered workshops, companies or programmes are disabled or disadvantaged employees.

After receiving the certificate, Roland Oudsen, CEO of SDD said “It’s important to look at what people can do and what they like to do. Then, we’ll teach them the rest. This is an important step forward for SDD and confirms our ability to evolve the business in a socially responsible way. And, in our 25th anniversary year, that is a supreme accomplishment”.

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