A delegation from the Japanese Embassy recently visited SDD.

During the visit, SDD gave a detailed overview of the company including its 20-year growth path, plus a visit to the Production and R&D departments.

The delegation saw not only how SDD develops new concepts and modules but also how they are transitioned into high quality finishing products that are sold worldwide by leading printer manufacturers such as Canon, Konica Minolta and HP.

Also, SDD showed that they are leading in the use of 3D printing. Not only is SDD developing an industrial 3D printer but also it uses 3D printers to produce parts which are built into its machines.

Many of SDD’s customers are Japanese companies and SDD has established strong relationships with these companies over many years. Indeed, good co-operation is key to a successful and mutually beneficial business relationship.

We are pleased to have had the possibility to co-operate with the Japanese embassy in the Netherlands and that we have had this opportunity to present SDD and its products.

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