In today’s print market, volumes continue to decline, print runs are shorter and lead times have decreased. Add to that the steadily increasing costs of paper, ink, plates and related supply expenses and sustaining profitability becomes ever more difficult.

The best way to maintain profitability with lower volumes and higher costs is to increase margins. And a way to accomplish that is by increasing your product’s value to the end customer. If we compared print to diamonds, we would see that a raw, rough diamond will dramatically increase in value (as much as 10x) to the end customer when it is cut and finely finished. In like manner raw printed output increases in value when it is delivered as a finely finished booklet, pamphlet or magazine. So, an answer to unrealized print profits may lie in adding or upgrading the fine-finishing component to your print operation.

Professional High End SDD BLM6400 Booklet Maker for Canon VarioPrint TITAN Printers:

The BLM6400C is a dynamic system which means that it handles varying booklet sizes and thicknesses without operator intervention. And, most important of all, is its outstanding reliability to ensure that the toughest deadlines are met. It is very fast especially when producing thinner booklets in combination with the Océ VP6330 TITAN.


  • Patented Colour Fold Module to optimise handling of colour and coated media
  • Modular system for customised solutions
  • Choice of 25- or 30-sheet Booklet Maker
  • Automatic switching between two jobs (for example A3 to A4 jobs)
  • Dynamic system: switching between booklet sizes and thicknesses requires no operator intervention
  • Professional ‘top and bottom’ trimming; precisely trims the booklet from the both sides at once
  • Uses professional Hohner stitching heads (up to 50,000 stitches from one roll of wire)
  • Cost effective solution for 10,000 booklets or more per month because stitch wire is about 90% cheaper than staple cassettes
  • Productivity: up to 100K booklets per month
  • Competitively priced for high and very high production markets

Professional Hohner Stitching heads.

See this system in action: BLM6400 video


Innovation-Driven Listening 

The Smart Dedicated Design organization is committed to moving forward with their innovation-driven approach. Their strong line-up of solution sets makes SDD fine-finishing modules must-haves for progressive print environments.

New solution needs continue to flow, with input from existing partners, fellow post-processing providers and customers across the globe. To stay connected and lead collaborative conversations, the SDD team attends trade shows, conferences, developer’s forums and related venues where creative customers gather to learn and share.

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