SDD Roll Wind Module news update

Producing long runs of continuous wide format print at speed can lead to a stacking nightmare! That’s why SDD has developed a Roll Wind Module that automatically rewinds printed media.

SDD’s Roll Wind Modules are designed to achieve a smooth, efficient and productive workflow when large format printing is involved. In Graphic Arts, production time is key and therefore the addition of ad SDD Roll Wind Module will certainly improve the efficiency of any organisation!

The Roll Wind products follow SDD’s Smart Dedicated Design simple elegance philosophy. Engineered to seamlessly operate with wide format printers, the SDD modules reflect the look and style of the printers they support.

An essential aspect of the SDD design is that the Roll Wind modules are designed to automatically sense and adjust to the current speed of the printer. This critical element eliminates lags and lost time that occur when the printer and post-processing are not fully synchronised. SDD’s Smart Dedicated Design results in a smooth, efficient and productive workflow. And, in particular, the unwinding feature is useful when the Roll Wind Module is wheeled to a laminator or cutter for the final finishing stage. 

After a successful introduction into the European market, SDD is now launching the Roll Wind Modules in the USA. HP printer customers can now take advantage of the many benefits of adding an SDD Roll Wind Module:

  • Consistently and accurately wound rolls
  • ‘Dancer’ principle which allows most types of material to be run (transparent, gloss, etc)
  • Mobile and flexible system, easy to operate
  • Seamlessly interfaced (free-standing)
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Wind and unwind function included 
  • Integrated load and unloading station
  • Easy connection/installation behind the printer
  • Can be installed or re-sited by operators
  • Dispenser with print-friendly tape
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