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Riso was founded in Tokyo in 1954. Riso’s high-speed FORCEJET inkjet technology, provides fast printing functionality combined with a rapid and stable paper supply resulting in a print speed of 160 pages per minute for A4 long-edge feed. In simplex mode, its literally one of the fastest printers in the world. That makes Riso an ideal partner for SDD’s booklet finishing systems.

Squarefold modules for Riso

SDD provides Riso with booklet finishing systems worldwide. This includes booklet press/face trim, top and bottom trimming and squarefold modules.

Printing on spine for Riso

SDD has the ideal finishing solution when large volumes of booklets are produced. For example, adding a squarefold module not only flattens the booklet but also makes printing on the spine an interesting possibility.

Flat booklets

Furthermore, full bleed printing is achieved by trimming the face of the booklet and top and bottom of the booklet.
All of these processes result in much higher quality, professional-looking booklets. And, being flatter, booklets are also much easier to handle and distribute.

Riso products

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