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Xerox was founded in the USA in1906 as the Haloid Company, a manufacturer and distributor of photographic paper. In 1947 the firm obtained the commercial rights to an imaging process subsequently known as xerography. Renamed the Haloid Xerox Company in 1958, the company introduced the 914 xerographic copier in 1959.

Modules for Xerox production printers

SDD provides Xerox with booklet finishing systems worldwide. SDD has developed a 2-side trimmer for use with Xerox production printers. This module provides top and bottom trimming for booklets resulting in a much more professional appearance.

Xerox C75/J75 press system modules

The 2-side trimmer is used in conjunction with the Xerox Color C75/J75 Press System. In combination with the Fuji Xerox SquareFold Trimmer it is possible to produce professional-looking full-bleed, flat booklets.

Digital Display

The 2-Side Trimmer can be easily set-up through the digital display and has a very small footprint. The side trim can be adjusted quickly and precisely. Various jobs can be saved in the memory.

Full-bleed solution for Xerox

SDD has the ideal finishing solution when large volumes of booklets are produced. The 2-side trimmer is a cost effective full-bleed solution which produces booklets with an enhanced and higher quality appearance.

Xerox products

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