Press Trim Module PTM1505 System for Kyocera

Face trimmer which trims the long edge of a booklet for Kyocera

The Kyocera PTM1505 Press Trim Module is a face trimmer which trims the long edge of a booklet.

​Also, the system flattens the booklet by applying pressure to the spine. Finished booklets will have a superior, professional appearance and, as they lie flat, booklets are much easier to pack, stack and handle.

Full colour brochures, manuals, policy documents and reports, for example, can be quickly printed and finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing steps.

Key Benefits

  • Patented Colour Fold Module to optimise handling of colour and coated media
  • Modular system for customised solutions
  • Automatic switching between two jobs (for example A3 to A4 jobs)
  • Dynamic system: switching between booklet sizes and thicknesses requires no operator intervention
  • Simple connection/installation behind the printer
  • Adjustable trim size
  • Durable knives / Patented technologies
  • Option: Professional top and bottom trimmer which precisely trims the booklet from both sides at once
  • Option: SquareFolding Module SFM1504 to create a square spine booklet
  • Option: Hand Infeed Module HIM5030 to feed booklets by hand into the system
  • Option: Conveyor Belt Stacker CBS6150 with a length of 150cm

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