SDD SFM7714 Square Spine Module

Create first class booklets

The SFM7714 Square Spine Module produces the look and feel of first class booklets. This Square Spine Module gives the booklet a perfectly flat finish with a square spine.

By printing on the spine it is possible to reproduce a professional magazine or book-like finish, which considerably enhances booklet appereance. The standard BST6900 Belt Stacker provides efficient stacking of the booklets.

The optional BST6800 extended output belt allows booklets to be stacked in high production environments without the need to stop the printer. The SFM7714 System can be easily set up from the digital display.

Full colour brochures, manuals, reports and policy documents, for example, can be quickly printed and finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing steps.

Key Benefits

  • Produces professional-looking and high quality booklets
  • Works in combination with the Canon F1/G1 Booklet Trimmer
  • 5 different spine pressures for optimum booklet quality
  • Allows printing on the spine
  • Edge/corner stapling still possible using the Canon finisher
  • Productivity: up to 30,000 booklets per month

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