SDD RTM3550 Rotator for Plockmatic

A rotation module for optimum print speed

The RTM3550 Rotator is a rotation module for optimum print speed for A5 / 5.5” x 8” booklets (LEF -> SEF A4 / Letter). The Rotator is specifically designed to improve processing speed in situations where paper needs to be fed short edge first.
But, more functionality does not necessarily mean that the machine has to be more complex to operate: switching between rotated and non-rotated paper is extremely simple and easy to do. In Auto Mode the RTM3550 automatically switches between Bypass and Rotation mode based upon a Large Paper Format signal from the printer.

Key Benefits

  • ​Matches printer speed
  • Increases productivity significantly when using A4/Letter size media
  • Small footprint: only 400mm of additional floorspace required
  • Modular system makes retrofitting also possible

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