SDD RWM8640 and RWM8440 Roll Wind Module for HP

Easy and fast handling of wide format print, for example, wrapping paper

SDD Roll Wind Modules deliver outstanding reliability. Finished rolls are produced with a perfect winding structure. This enables the printed roll to be automatically rewound which allows easier post-printing processes to be carried out.

Easy and fast handling and changing of paper rolls. Capable of handling many different kinds of media. The flexible RWM’s can be used for both winding and unwinding making them easy to integrate with the workflow. Enhance existing capabilities and increase production with SDD RWM Roll Wind Modules. The Modules have the ability to wind and unwind. This means that, after winding the roll directly from the printer, a Module can be moved to a laminator or cutter where the roll can be unwound for the next finishing process. In this way, users can expect to enhance their capabilities and optimise production.

Both Modules are capable of handling a wide variety of media types including re-ecting or transparent media. And, changing the rolls is simple and easy. In fact, the Roll Wind Modules are very simple to install and operate. The Module can easily be attached to a printer by an operator without the need for a technician’s intervention. An excellent winding structure is consistently achieved and there is an automatic speed adjustment to match the printer’s speed. This makes the combination of printer and Roll Wind Module extremely flexible. Even the small details haven’t been overlooked: a handy tape dispenser is mounted on the Module to facilitate easier paper handling.

Key Benefits

  • Virtually continuous printing capability utilising SDD’s rapid roll change system
  • Produces consistently wound rolls
  • Wind and unwind capability
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Mobile and flexible system
  • Seamlessly interfaced
  • Integrated unloading station
  • Standard tape dispenser

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